Doorware Scheduling

Basic Doorware Scheduling Process

Doorware Scheduling is the process of reviewing your building floor plans and door schedule, and assigning the appropriate door hardware to every door on the plan - consistent with its position, use and configuration. To schedule your door furniture, follow these steps.

1.  Identify interior and exterior doors and determine their operational parameters

Each door marked on the schedule should have a number of features relating to its structure, use and function so that correct door hardware can be chosen. These features include material, transom location, frame material, jamb material, handing, hinge type and door thickness. Other features such as security level and aesthetic importance can also be incorporated as a consideration. Door furniture selection such as door handles matched with different rose or plate options, locks, door closers, hinges, latches, master keying, special keying requirements etc. will be different based on usage and context. For example, passage, privacy and exterior security doors will all need distinctly different door hardware.

2. Select the style of your door furniture

In many projects the style and shape of architectural hardware can be strongly guided by the room, façade or construction of a house. Entrance pull handles and door handles are often the first consideration. Door furniture selections are reviewed based on the Building Code of Australia regulations. Specifically, fire rating, disabled egress and access, and general safety considerations are all taken into account in hardware selection.

If you are having trouble selecting a range or would like help to choose the right architectural hardware for the job, stop by a Designer Doorware showroom or contact us to make an appointment with our expert, specialist consultants.  You may also find inspiration in our Project Gallery which showcases high profile architectural projects that feature our door furniture and accessories.

3.  Match your architectural hardware accessories

Select cabinet handles; sliding door handles such as blade pulls, flush pulls or edge pulls; as well as matching bathroom accessories next. By selecting architectural hardware accessories that complement the shape and finish of your door hardware, you'll achieve a clean and seamless aesthetic for your project. Designer Doorware has a wide range of products to suit any number of door hardware combinations. These products are also available in special finishes, so there's no limit to the style of interior you can match. 

For further help or advice on matching your door hardware accessories and selecting special finishes, call our friendly, specialist consultants on +613 9300 8888 or email us.

4. Complete your project’s look by adding functional hardware

Consider door hardware accessories such as turn snibs and escutcheons, latches, hinges as well as locks and privacy devices, door stops, even house numbers!

If you are looking for one last piece to set your project apart or have unique design requirements, we have the specialist expertise to custom design and manufacture all types of architectural hardware.   See our Custom Design Gallery which showcases examples of specially made, custom products.  We can also value engineer special items in volume.  Whether sleek and seamless or solid and bold, Designer Doorware can find a solution via our custom design process

5.  Select your products and Request a Quote online by heading to our product catalogue

Simply view products of interest, compare, then select online from a wide range of options offered. Add your selections to My Spec Sheet List, save tailored product Spec Sheets into one PDF book, then Request a Quote online. 

You'll receive a detailed confirmation email of your specified products and we'll contact you within 2 business days to confirm details and pricing!

Learn more about selection online.

For further help, call our friendly, specialist consultants on +613 9300 8888 or email us.

About Designer Doorware's Capabilities

Designer Doorware designs and manufactures superior quality door furniture and architectural hardware including hingesdoor handles and door knobs, door pull handles, sliding door hardware, door hardware accessories, door closers, locks, cabinet door handles, and bathroom accessories. Our products offer timeless qualities to suit a variety of architectural styles and budgets, with thousands of product options and combinations to choose from.

If you are looking for something extra special, our custom design service can create hardware to complement any commercial or residential project, no matter how unique your requirements. We regularly work with Architects, Designers, Developers and Builders on award winning projects of all sizes across Australia, Asia-Pacific and the USA. With know-how gained through many years of specialised design experience, a well-established international network and best-of-breed manufacturing capabilities, we can operate to short lead times and quickly deliver doorware and accessories anywhere in the world.

Our new Selector Tool makes it easy to visualise, compare and select architectural hardware online. You can review a wide range of products, find related products, get tailored specification sheets, make them into a PDF book and request a quote for your specified products. We also make doorware selection easier with customer services that incorporate interior design advice, specifying, scheduling and more. Contact our friendly, highly qualified team to help create that final complement to your project.

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