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As an exclusive, crystalline residential apartment tower in one of Melbourne’s most sought after inner city precincts, Balencea was designed to attract some of the country’s most discerning buyers, and attention to detail was critical. Architecture and art, in dynamic synthesis, is a fundamental hallmark of the Sunland Group, and as with every Sunland project, Balencea is exceptional in its award-winning calibre of design, construction and finish. Awards include the Frederick Romberg Award for Residential Architecture - multiple housing and AIA 2009 National Architectural Awards.

Designed by Wood Marsh Architecture, Balencea has a highly sculptured form featuring a series of interlocking arcs developed into a fluted extrusion with sweeping curves of glass. The visual effect is a sculptural form in-the-round with a reflective, glazed ‘curtain’ wall and the interior reflects the sweeping curves of glass flowing along its apartment perimeters.

Design Brief

Balencea combines classical and contemporary influences to create a new architectural symmetry with a high level of luxury. Lustrous, polished surfaces that contrast with veneers, timber and stone result in textural elements working in symmetry, rather than dominating individually. Balencea has a warm overall feel, and luxury to indulge the senses, without overwhelming. Classical chandeliers for example, create a counterpoint to contemporary minimalism. Architectural hardware needed to continue this theme while uniquely meeting Sunland's exacting standards. 

Customised Architectural Hardware Solution

Designer Doorware collaborated with Sunland Group to deliver an affordable, customised range of architectural hardware to perfectly achieve Sunland’s aesthetic and functional requirements with superior quality materials and finishes. Drawing on rich, European styling to create a luxurious finishing touch, we developed a complementary suite of hardware mainly based on our signature Quad range.

Some of the finest design detail was customised along with a carefully selected palette of finishes to contribute to interior design symmetry and consistency.



Door Handles

The handles for the tall, glass entry doors needed to complement the plush foyer interior, with sleek styling that was not overly dominant. The solution was a pair of stainless steel, extended-length handles - square yet fine in profile and affixed with round stems to soften the squareness and create a flow with the rest of the building. The entrance handles needed to be understated to allow the striking foyer to shine through upon arrival. Instead of using a highly polished, reflective finish for the handles, a satin finish was selected to provide a complementary background effect. Dependent upon the surrounding interior design elements, other glass doors within the building featured either satin or a polished stainless steel finish to create visual symmetry.

Square profile Quad R50 lever door handles offered the perfect complement, with matching accessories such as escutcheons, turn snibs and doorstops. All were finished in polished chrome and a matching Quad pull handle in polished stainless steel featured on glass bathroom doors.

To enable living areas and bedrooms to be separated, space-efficient sliding doors were designed to retract into special wall nooks when not in use. A compact, square flush pull enabled their smooth operation, while edge pulls made them easily retrievable for use.



Bathware and Accessories

Sunland wanted Balencea to look sleek with a touch of exclusivity, so a customised range of bathware was the perfect solution. Rectilinear form towel rails were made from solid, polished stainless steel in three different lengths featuring square fixing plates.

A shower shelf was made, based on the towel rails with the same profile and rectilinear form. It featured a drainage tray perforated with circular holes that sat in harmony with circular bathroom tiles. Designer Doorware ensured that bathware items, also including a toilet roll holder, were perfectly matched, functional and practical.

Penthouse ensuites featured glass walls and frameless glass doors with limited scope to install towel rails. With the most exacting of standards, we produced a specially designed, free standing towel rail that could be folded away when not in use. In polished stainless steel and hinged to fold out to 90 degrees, the towel rail offered an exclusive and highly functional finishing touch that was ergonomically designed and manufactured to stand the test of time.

Cabinet Handles

Balencea offered two interior design themes with kitchens finished in pristine, white or dark rich timber veneers that were counterpointed with stainless steel splash backs and cookware for example.

The Quad 5112 solid stainless steel cabinet handles offered consistency with other hardware and the finishes were matched for either of these design schemes – stainless steel, satin on white cabinets, or a dark bronze powder-coat to precisely tone with timber finishes. To especially meet Sunland’s need, the cabinet handles were provided in one, solely specified length for consistent use across the entire project.

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*Balencea images courtesay of Sunland Group

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