Klein Bottle House



In the heart of Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula, McBride Charles Ryan (MCR) took on the challenge to create a house that possessed the unnatural beauty of the incongruous Klein Bottle mathematical shape. Seeking to bond dramatic architecture with the delicacy of nature, their multi-award-winning design incorporated Designer Doorware’s door hardware to perfectly complement their unique, contemporary concept.

MCR prides itself in a hands-on approach to its projects and believes its buildings are bespoke manifestations of the clients' vision. It is due to this approach that their designs are truly singular. MCR has successfully managed projects with budgets of up to $200M, combining complex architectural form with the finest construction technique in the most demanding of projects.

kbhouse1.jpgThis project required contemporary door hardware that could fit into the eclectic Klein Bottle design, but durable and reliable enough to weather the sometimes harsh seaside conditions. Designer Doorware’s door furniture offered the perfect solution.

Project Brief

The holiday house is situated on the Mornington Peninsula. From the outset the clients and MCR wanted a building that nestled within the tree line, where the occupants could feel surrounded by their environment. MCR wanted to demonstrate that designers could still produce dramatic architecture that is incredibly responsive to a sensitive and protected environment.

Response to Brief

What began in response to the site as a spiral or shell-like building, developed into a more complex spiral - the Klein Bottle, a descriptive model of a surface developed by topological mathematicians. MCR was keen to be topologically true to the Klein Bottle but it had to function as a home. They were attracted to the idea of an origami version of the Klein Bottle, not only because it is an alluringly bizarre and beautiful representation, but also because they could actually imagine realising this building in fire-resistant, compressed fibre cement sheet.

This building follows in the tradition of using experimental geometry that could be adapted to more suitably meet contemporary needs and desires.

In that sense, it is within the heroic tradition of invigorating the very nature of the home. Most notable of this tradition would be the great experimental heroic houses by Melbourne architects in the 50’s (McIntyre and Boyd in particular).

The house revolves around a central courtyard with a grand, regal staircase, connecting all the levels. There is a sense of being boh near and far to all occupants, while its endless curling, shell-like quality, particularly in the Tea Tree, brings about a comforting togetherness.




Architectual Door Hardware Solution

“We believe that the Designer Doorware products bring a dynamic edge while merging seamlessly with the greater whole. The clean, timeless lines of the chosen Designer Doorware products work well with the unexpected shape, the distinct, bold, clean colour and the unique series of internal spaces. It provides classic stability amongst the avant-garde. It is new, it is fresh, it is timeless.” said MCR.

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