Product Supply

Doorware_Product_Supply.jpgSupplying your new door hardware in an organised and secure manner can significantly contribute to the smooth and fast completion of larger projects in the most cost effective way. At Designer Doorware we take great care in supplying and packing your order so that potentially expensive mix-ups, delays and risks are avoided.

Streamlining door handle installation saves time and money

Working with you at the specification stage, we know on which door, in which room, each of our door knobs and handles are to be installed. We pack your door hardware in such a way that it’s pre-allocated to the correct section, floor and door of the project upon delivery. This reduces unravelling and organisation time, ensuring faster project completion, and that any discrepancies can be dealt with efficiently at the time of delivery.

Managing your door hardware deliveries with the utmost of care

productsupply.jpgStoring door hardware onsite can be risky, exposing Builders and Home Owners to the risk of theft and breakage. Why take that risk when you have a better option?

Using our specialised systems and procedures, we have the capability to manage the supply process from the first delivery to the last. We can manage a staged door pack delivery or part delivery of products during various stages of construction, including door-by-door, by floor, and/or by unit - whatever works best for your project!

With our expertise, you can be assured that your deliveries will be made with maximum efficiency and security.

Call our friendly, specialist consultants on +613 9300 8888 or email us to find out how we can help you with our Door Packing and Supply Management services.

About Designer Doorware's Capabilities

Designer Doorware designs and manufactures superior quality door furniture and architectural hardware including hingesdoor handles and door knobs, door pull handles, sliding door hardware, door hardware accessories, door closers, locks, cabinet door handles, and bathroom accessories. Our products offer timeless qualities to suit a variety of architectural styles and budgets, with thousands of product options and combinations to choose from.

If you are looking for something extra special, our custom design service can create hardware to complement any commercial or residential project, no matter how unique your requirements. We regularly work with Architects, Designers, Developers and Builders on award winning projects of all sizes across Australia, Asia-Pacific and the USA. With know-how gained through many years of specialised design experience, a well-established international network and best-of-breed manufacturing capabilities, we can operate to short lead times and quickly deliver doorware and accessories anywhere in the world.

Our new Selector Tool makes it easy to visualise, compare and select architectural hardware online. You can review a wide range of products, find related products, get tailored specification sheets, make them into a PDF book and request a quote for your specified products. We also make doorware selection easier with customer services that incorporate interior design advice, specifying, scheduling and more. Contact our friendly, highly qualified team to help create that final complement to your project.

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